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Ontario Caregiver processes the documentation and guides you through the process of fulfilling all requirements for a contract between you and your employer. Nannies and Caregivers should choose Ontario Caregivers as their agency to ensure:
  • Placement in stable work environments
  • Best employment and living standards
  • Appropriate pay and deductions


Ontario Caregiver's employer services ensure the hiring process is clearly defined and properly executed on your behalf with all government requirements and laws met. Employers should choose Ontario Caregivers as their agency to ensure:
  • Stable pre-qualified workers
  • Tax Compliance maximum tax return
  • Hassle free administration

Ontario Caregiver processes the documentation for Employment Tax deductions and makes deduction payments to the appropriate authorities on behalf of both parties. This enables employers to take advantage of tax deductions of up to $7000/child and other programs that will lower the financial burden of professional supervision and care for your loved ones!

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